Make Your Skincare a Priority!

3 Common Skincare Mistakes May be Damaging your Skin!

3 habits may be preventing you from achieving the clear skin you've been seeking for so long. By avoiding the mistakes listed below, you can become one step closer to achieving the skin of your dreams.

1. Don't wash your face with your hands

The biggest mistake I used to make when it came to my skincare was using my hands to wash my face. It is important to recognize that our faces are filled with tiny pores. When excess oils and dirt get trapped into our pores, they clog and become enlarged. The mere action of face washing with hands (or even a washcloth) is not sufficient enough to remove the dirt and unclog pores. This leaves our faces only partially cleaned and prone to breakouts. When I learned the power of facial cleansing brushes, everything changed. These brushes are designed with fine bristles that work into the tiny pores of our skin to provide a deep clean.

2. Don't forget to wrap up your hair at night


Another huge mistake I used to make when it came to my skincare was neglecting to wrap my hair up at night. I know, I know… shame on me! This is important, especially for those of us with natural hair. Our hair is packed with coconut oil, shea butter, etc. When we neglect to tie our hair down before bed, these oils are transferred to our pillowcases. And then subsequently transferred to our faces! As excess oil builds up on our face, it increases the chances of clogged pores. Therefore, it is also important to remember to wash those pillowcases at LEAST once a week. Not only is it filled with oils from our hair, shed skin cells are also present.

3. Don't forget to drink water

One last mistake I used to make when it came to my skincare was not drinking enough water! We’ve heard this line a million and one times, but it is so important. Water is an essential measure to ensure toxins are released from our body. No matter what skincare regimen you are dedicated to, if you are not taking in enough water daily, it WILL NOT WORK. I typically like to add cucumber and lemon to my water. Hyaluronic acid is another good supplement that helps to retain water in the skin. By increasing your daily water intake, I assure you that your skin will begin to flourish in no time!

I hope this was helpful and allowed you to reveal a few of the common mistakes that may have existed in your routine.

Make your skincare a priority!